I only had one New Years resolution this year and that was to take more photographs of my own children. I’ve been so busy with everyone else’s beautiful children, that I didn’t have the time for my own. So my goal has been to take a lot more of my children and to include myself in more photographs too. We forget how quickly our children grow up. I love spending time with my children and capturing beautiful memories of them and for them. I love to look back at the photographs I have taken and be transported back to that moment, whether they were happy or sad. I want my photographs to tell a story and I want my children to look back on them with pride. I do the same for all my clients. I love capturing personality and cheekiness. 🙂 I truly am so blessed to be a part of your children’s lives, even if we only meet up for up to date photographs. Cherish your children, make time for your children and love them unconditionally; ALWAYS. xxx